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Verdana 48-inch Vanity Q136-8X
Regular price: $1,495.00
Sale price: $1,095.00
Austin 44-inch Vanity 755W
Regular price: $1,395.00
Sale price: $795.00
Morton 48-inch Vanity HF-2815W-AW
Regular price: $1,295.00
Sale price: $795.00
60" Kalani Bathroom sink Vanity GD-3028-Q60S
Regular price: $1,895.00
Sale price: $1,292.00
Beckham Bathroom 42-inch Sink Vanity SW-3882W-TK-42
Regular price: $1,295.00
Sale price: $795.00
42" Classic Style Morton Bathroom Vanity HF-2815W-AW-42
Regular price: $1,295.00
Sale price: $765.00

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Chans Furniture, established in 1989, is a unique furniture store located in South Florida. We offer an exceptionally large selection of bathroom vanities and many high quality and uniquely designed furniture imported from Asia. All these products are offered at direct importer prices. ChansEstore.com is dedicated to selling quality bathroom vanities at the lowest prices on the Internet. Our products are highly comparable in term of price, quality and design with any offering from the department stores. Special designs and custom-made to the trade and hospitality industry are welcome.

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